The Prayer Warrior


When I asked Jean Lindsey to talk with me about her life, her faith, and her church, she was quick to say there were plenty of others in the church that had better stories and would be more dynamic and inspiring. I knew there was something special about Jean, so I was not going to let her talk me out of an interview. I wanted to discuss prayer because I had heard she was a prayer warrior. I was not familiar with that term and assumed it meant someone who either prayed a lot or was good at praying out loud, but if you look at the definition, it states that a prayer warrior is committed to praying for others.

She may be small, gentle and soft-spoken, but I learned about the warrior that she truly is. She is relentless in her prayer life, fierce in her love for this church, and utterly devoted to God. She works hard to find out who needs prayer, writes down names and spends time praying for them, you can be sure if Jean says she will pray for you, it will get done. 

Praying is something that Jean has been doing her entire life, so I asked if the answers ever became easier to understand. She thought about this but said no she still has a hard time figuring out what God may want from her and worries if she is doing all that He needs her to do, but she has confidence that He is there, and He will guide her. We laughed together when she told me sometimes she wishes God would email her every morning and tell her what to do.

As we talked she laughed at my request for words of wisdom and inspiration but thoughtfully told me people need to know they are loved and are important, be patient and kind, encourage people, don't bring them down, love is what we need. Remember that everyone is made in the image of God, sometimes you just have to look really hard.

She told me about a passage she read from Max Lucado that said when we step into heaven we will be just like Jesus. She looked at me and said, "Won't that be wonderful?"  Her eyes were shining, her smile was beautiful, and I don't believe an angel could glow as much as she was at that moment. I know I saw Jesus today when I spent time with a prayer warrior.

By Michelle Holland

Listen in as Michelle sits down with Jean Lindsey to hear stories about her life and journey of faith.