Backpack Sermon #3 - Romans 8:26-31

We continue the Backpack Sermon Series with a reading from the Apostle Paul's letter to the Romans. Listen as Pastors Jon and Silverio consider this passage for the first time this week and begin to explore Paul's teaching regarding the prayers of the Holy Spirit.   


Romans 8:26-31


Since January, 2018, our First Kids have been leading in worship by sharing an object from home that Pastors Silverio and Jon see for the first time and spend a moment with the children learning about God’s love and grace.  During our January Sunday School Collective, someone shared with the pastors the idea of having a “backpack sermon,” where the Scripture Reading to be shared during worship remains unannounced until it is read.  With an element or two between the reading of Scripture and the sermon, Pastors Jon and Silverio will read, pray, and consider the passage.  During the sermon time, our pastors are modeling the means of grace we know as “Searching the Scriptures.”  

During the week, our pastors are keeping their normal rhythms of prayer, study, and Christian conferencing to be well prepared for worship on Sunday.  In addition to their normal rhythms, Pastors Silverio and Jon fashion an order in which they will lead during the sermon.  The main difference between a normal week of preparation and this manner of preach is that the inquiry process is shortened to the time during worship.  Pastors Silverio and Jon fashion an “order of the sermon” so they know who is beginning and who is finishing.  

Searching the Scripture as a means of grace is an essential part of the disciples life.  As a congregation, we encourage the use of this means of grace through our Bible Reading Plan.  This summer, we are reading through the Psalms.  Many keep this rhythm as well as reading throughout the Scriptures.  There are many apps available on various electronic devices that have Bible Reading Plans such as: the Bible in 90 days, the Gospels in 40 days, and the Bible in one year.  The importance of Searching the Scriptures is the continuity of the rhythm, not the amount of reading that is accomplished each day.