The Never Alone Christian

Pastor Silverio speaks about the importance of trading in the isolated fringes of life and community where there is only lonely chaos, destruction, and a living death for living in the center of God’s heart where there is authentic community, deep healing, great hope, and true life that is lost in the love of God alone.  


Mark 1: 9-15 

“He is fixed in his congregation as well as his principles. He is united to one, not only in spirit, but by all the outward ties of Christian fellowship. There he partakes of all the ordinances of God. There he receives the supper of the Lord. There he pours out his soul in public prayer, and joins in public praise and thanksgiving. There he rejoices to hear the word of reconciliation, the gospel of the grace of God. With these his nearest, his best-beloved brethren, on solemn occasions, he seeks God by fasting. These particularly he watches over in love, as they do over his soul; admonishing, exhorting, comforting, reproving, and every way building up each other in the faith. These he regards as his own household; and therefore, according to the ability God has given him, naturally cares for them, and provides that they may have all the things that are needful for life and godliness.” - John Wesley, A Catholic Spirit