Things Are Already Better

Pastor Silverio teaches from the Scriptures on the Lord's Baptism in the Gospel of Mark and on the Spirit of God in the story of creation in Genesis.  The power of God that created life is sustaining our lives right now.  That's why things are already better than we think they are. 


Genesis 1:1-5

The Baptismal Covenant I (United Methodist Hymnal pg. 35)
"Do you, as Christ's body, the Church, reaffirm both your rejection of sin and your commitment to Christ?  We do."
"Will you nurture one another in the Christian faith and life and include these persons now before you in your care? With God's help we will proclaim the good news and live according to the example of Christ. We will surround these persons with a community of love and forgiveness, that they may grow in their trust of God, and be found faithful in their service to others. We will pray for them, that they may be true disciples who walk in the way that leads to life."